Growing a Beard

Growing a BeardGrowing a beard is an assertion of masculinity. In a culture which has looked down upon the good well-established manliness, growing a beard tells that you are not scared of being a real manly man. You can regain the long lost aspect of your masculinity by growing one.

If you have prepared yourself to step up to the challenge of growing a beard, go ahead. Break off the shaving trap.

It can be helpful often to choose a role model who is bearded to inspire you while you grow a beard, like a celeb, a historic personality or someone you know. If you get disheartened at times while growing your chin meadow, remember your role model and chin up!

Growing a beard: Choosing the Right Beard Style

This can be tough to decide while growing a beard. But be sure not to think that there is some current trend and you should adopt it. No! Beard-growing is about your self-confidence and not fashion. And have you ever seen any trend of beards? Different men grow different styles of beard during the same time period. And they choose the style that looks good on them, or rather which make them manlier and more confident.

However, one factor may compel you to choose a particular style and it is the genetic factor. If you are not a man who is bestowed with a thick facial hair, you will have to choose a style suitable to this genetic factor, like stubble, a chin strap or a soul patch, depending upon the area where you have maximum hair growth. And you need not worry! Even short growth on the chin looks sexy on some men. And if you have an abundant facial crop, you should start with a full beard and later you can experiment with different styles!