Coloring A Beard

Coloring A BeardColoring hair on head has now become widespread and we see men and women with colored hair not only in their natural hair color, but also some incredible shades to make a fashion statement. So, can the beard too be colored? And if so, are there any norms to observe? Yes, of course you can color your beard and mustache, and same as you take care while choosing your hair color you are supposed to choose your beard color too with care. Here are some tips for coloring a beard.

Evaluating Your Beard and Mustache

For coloring a beard, it should be understood that there is a difference between your head hair and that of your beard and mustache. Both are not of the same texture. The beard and mustache hair is more coarse and wiry. It is also quite resistant to chemicals. While you go for shopping of colors, you are more inclined to go for “only for men”. But this product is not permanent though it is labeled so. After just 2-3 washes, the colored hair will start looking muddy, particularly if you have colored it with a brown or black shade.

Some experienced men recommend colors like Clairol and not to restrain from them just because they are meant for women. There is really no difference. The results are equally awesome.

How will You Choose Appropriate Color?

Coloring your head hair is associated with matching! Even with your jeans! But this is not the case while coloring a beard. Here the hair is coarse and that makes the difference. The color will be soaked up to such an extent that the beard and mustache become super dark.

So, choose a color which is lighter by two shades than your natural hair color. E.g. if your hair is brown, don’t choose dark brown, which will make your hair look jet black; instead choose lighter brown, which comes after light brown.

For gray hair, you will have to do extra softening while coloring. Or you will need a gray buster product to help hair soak the color. Pre-softening will also help in making the color spread evenly.


For pre-softening you need 20 volume peroxide, and cotton and gloves.

Take some peroxide on a cotton ball. Squeeze out extra solution. Apply on the gray hair. Keep rubbing the cotton on the hair for about 10 minutes. Rinse using cold water and dry with a towel. Now you can apply color.

Coloring the Beard

Get the color mixed and use a coloring brush, toothbrush or even your fingers to apply color to the beard. Don’t mess up while applying to mustache; otherwise it will stain your skin.

Most colors are to be left for 25 to 30 minutes. But this timing doesn’t apply for coloring a beard! Check the color by wiping it out with a wet tissue after just 5 minutes. If it appears to be matching your choice, wash it off at once. If not, check again after 7 minutes. Most of the times, maximum time required is 15 minutes.

Removing Beard Color

Rinse the color using cold water. Put a little shampoo on a toothbrush, apply to the beard and wash the hair. BUT this shampoo should not be a clarifying one. It will at once strip the color out.

After just a little practice you will find that coloring a beard is not a very difficult task and you can include it in your beard grooming routine easily.