Beard Tips

Beards, beards and beards! Is it really necessary to think why beards are better? They are better anyway! Don’t believe it? Consider these points:

Beards have been conferred statures throughout history.

For many significant careers, beards are almost a prerequisite, e.g. a warrior, a lumberjack, a wizard.

It’s a proven fact from surveys that bearded men are more attractive.

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A decent beard can turn a pasty nerd into a sturdy hunk

… and a baby face into a revolutionary

… some random dude into a personality

… a nobody into a powerhouse!

There are virtual advantages too. You can bid farewell to one of the most boring tasks of mankind.

Also, you can have something to caress when you are thinking.

You can enchant women.

And hide acne.

And if it’s really big, you can use it for earning money by hanging advertisements on it.


Not all beards are desirable!

You have to observe certain rules strictly.

You should know the limit.

And the hirsute look doesn’t suit just everyone!

And once you grow a beard, it is not necessary that you will get what you dreamed of.

But still you should try growing a beard. If you can’t, poor you!