Beard Shampoo

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Ask bearded men how they improved their looks and they will tell you that it is not so easy. Maintaining a beard and looking handsome with it needs a lot of care and attention, and a specially made beard shampoo is an essential component of their beard care.

There are several beard shampoos available in the market with a variety of fragrances. For choosing the best beard shampoo, look for one with botanical formulas of healthy oils which nurture and condition the skin beneath your beard.

Men with any length of beard commonly face a lot of problems. For beginners, use of a regular hair shampoo on the beard can make the skin below dry. Some men also use soap to wash their beards, which leaves residues. Ingrown hair is also a common problem where the hair turns back completely and goes under the skin. Another commonest problem is irritation and itching due to dry, patchy skin. Men even have to shave off their beard because it is the only solution of eliminate these problems.

These problems can be rid of by using a quality beard shampoo which cleans both the beard and the skin below in a gentle way without causing any residue and make the beard soft, up to its roots.

You need to use only a few drops of a beard shampoo to get freedom from skin problems.

Which Ingredients Should I Look for in the Beard Shampoo?

Beard shampoos with an organic or botanical formula are the best choice.

Different ingredients have different properties and address different problems. E.g. one of the ingredients in the formula is cocamide dea which is an oil extracted from coconut kernels. It helps in thorough cleansing.

Other ingredient is wild cherry extract which refreshes the skin.

Ideally vitamin B5 too can be an ingredient of a good beard shampoo because it helps promote cell proliferation along with helping in tissue repair.

Another useful ingredient of a good beard shampoo formula is extract of marigold flower. It is anti-inflammatory and antibiotic.

One more ingredient is Quillaia extract which powerfully reduces the oiliness of skin and helps in healing.

Some beard shampoos even contain aloe vera which softens both hair and skin.

A beard shampoo may also contain rosemary extract which revitalizes hair follicles and helps correcting itching and flakiness of skin.

For beard dandruff, a beard shampoo containing plenty of organic oils, like that of coconut, jojoba and olive is excellent.

Lime too is a powerful component of a beard shampoo which removes oil and grime from the hair and opens clogged pores of skin.

Green tea extract in a beard shampoo offers deep skin conditioning.

Thus choosing an ideal beard shampoo for you depends on your particular needs, for which you should first understand your requirements. Do you want to get rid of dandruff or itchiness? Do you want to make the beard softer? Or do you want to remove oiliness? Whatever is your need, chose a beard shampoo with natural components with no chemicals like sodium lauryl sulfate or sodium dodecyl sulfate.