Fake Beard

fake beards

Fake beard is being used since long by Egyptian Pharaohs, pirates, actors, cons, revolutionaries, and also laymen just for fun. It is said that Egyptian pharaohs wore plated fake beards on various types of ceremonies to emphasize their status as Gods. Similarly different men and women have long been using fake beards for different purposes and it is true that these beards have brought a considerable difference in their personality – either with a purpose or just as an amusement to oneself and others.

A fake beard can vary in quality. A high quality and more expensive fake beard is made of real hair, while a rather inexpensive fake beard is made from synthetic hair. Fake beards vary in colors and length too and you will have to choose one according to the purpose for which you want to wear it.

Fake beards made from synthetic hair are more easily available in costume shops, particularly during the holiday season and are often low-priced. They may not look real like their expensive counterparts made from real hair.

fake beardThe fake beards made from real hair are found rarely in brick-and-mortar stores. You usually have to buy them online. Investing in this type of beard is your personal choice. If you are serious on disguising and are going to use it often, it is good to invest in such a high quality beard. But if you want the beard just for costuming purpose, e.g. a Santa Claus beard, you can buy an inexpensive fake beard.

Choosing the type of beard depends on your purpose. For costuming, you should choose one that matches your overall getup, while for disguising, you should chose one that matches your hair color. Wearing a brown beard for disguising when you have a blonde hair will at once shout that it is fake.

Fake beards are attached to the face using either elastic bands or tape or glue. Elastic bands are used to attach a long fake beard to the face and the bands are wrapped around the back of the head or around ears. Short and small fake beards are usually attached to the face with a tape or glue. They can be easily peeled away. However, it is recommended to wash the glue first while removing such a fake beard.

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