Teen Beard

Are you in your teens but are eager to watch that stubble on your face? Yes, of course, you want to grow up in a man as soon as possible. But hold! Getting a beard, that too, a teen beard is not that easy. Not only genetics, but also your age and hormones play an important role in deciding whether you can keep a teen beard.

Teen Beard

The male hormone testosterone is secreted in varying amounts in different individuals and at different age. And it decides the growth of facial hair. In any case, your teen beard won’t look thick, because it starts emerging when you become 15 or reach up to 18 and looks patchy and thin. You can achieve a full thick beard only by your 20s! A full-grown teen beard is extremely rare, can even be called abnormal.

How Can Be Beard Grown Faster?

You cannot fight with Mother Nature to make your short, thin teen beard thick and longer. Give yourself time and be at ease. Take a balanced diet, appropriate exercise and rest, and your beard will grow in a healthy way so as to be correctly thick at related phases of your age. If you want to take supplements, take your doctor’s advice first.

Will Frequent Shaving Help?

No! You may get disappointed to hear that, but it’s a fact that frequent shaving has no connection with thickening of beard. So, don’t stand in front of your mirror with your shaving kit every now and then in a day and try to scrub your chin with razor. That won’t help. As told earlier, a balanced diet and a good health that will come thereby will only help in offering you a healthy beard.

Any Special Diet?

Hair is made of a protein-compound called keratin. Therefore a protein-rich diet can help your hair grow fast and healthy. This includes your head hair too. So, if you take such a diet, your teen beard may not become long and thick (and it is normal), but will grow healthy and may eventually become thick and long in your older age.

Try to Achieve Maximum of Your Beard

Many men don’t grow a thick and long full beard because of genetic factors. If you are amongst them, don’t be disappointed. You can look good in whatever type of beard you have if you choose a correct style and maintain and groom it properly. Take the advice of a professional. Go through men’s magazines and take tips about different beard styles and grooming. That will surely help.

So, if you dream of wearing a beard in the forthcoming years, start learning to take care of your teen beard from now itself, which will help you in the long run.