Beard Hat

beard hat

Beards are awesome. They offer you manliness and warmth in winter, and save your money on barbers and razors. However, because of genetic factors, not everyone can grow a desired style and thickness of beard. And even if one can, he doesn’t have it when needed. These beard challenges can be overcome by a beard hat. A beard hat gives the many benefits of a beard, while you are not wearing a beard.

What is a Beard Hat?

beard hatsBeard hat is a covering attached to a hat which you can wear around your chin and mustache area. In the beard hats of the pioneering companies like Beard Beanie, the beard is attached to the hat creating a single piece. However there are companies which use a Velcro or buttons to attach the beard to the hat. The hat is knitted or crocheted.

Benefits of a Beard Hat

A beard hat was originally made as a fun gift item. But it proved to be useful, especially during winters and in snowy mountain areas. It keeps the face warm enough and protects it from flying snowflakes.

Which Beard Hat Should I Choose?

You should choose a one-piece beard hat rather than those having a Velcro or buttons. As the hat is knitted, Velcro makes a mess with it and it is a disaster to unfasten the threads caught in the Velcro. Buttons can press on your head causing pain. So, a single piece beard hat is the best to choose.


Some beard hats are coated with an insulation which makes them pleasantly warm and nice. These are particularly lumberjack beard hats which are fuller and rather warmer.

A beard hat provides you a reliably cozy, face-hugging fit to let you stay warm throughout your cold weather activities. So, have one and enjoy the feeling of having a beard!

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