Beard Competitions

beard competitions

As such, there are innumerable reasons for growing a beard. It seems that men are just in search of any trifle reason to grow a beard – they love it so much! But no reason is better than a beard competition.

Beard-growing competitions are extremely fun events and are often associated with the celebration of historic events or other such occasions. Some beard-growing competitions have even gained a huge fame. E.g. the annual beard-growing competition in Shamrock, Texas, became the topic of a documentary named Growin’ a Beard. And some beard competitions have now taken a ruling position in the beard world, like World Beard and Moustache Championships.

As the location of the beard competitions vary, their rules too change. Most of the times, at small-scale beard competitions, it is required for the men to shave freshly at the entry time. Sometimes some local bodies pass temporary laws which make it compulsory for all men in the territory to grow a beard for a designated time. Violations can result into fine or even imprisonment. At some places, a shaving permit is allotted to those who are not willing to participate.

Various categories are decided to judge the contestants’ beards. Some of them are:

Longest beard

Thickest beard

Best overall beard

Most original beard

Best effort

Beard-growing competitions are fun and encourage humor and friendly atmosphere. One of their advantages is they spur some men to grow a beard who might not have given it a try otherwise. Other advantage is you learn to take more care of your beard and its overall grooming. You come to know about various grooming products too.

Some Tips for Preparing to Compete

Choose an appropriate beard style. By appropriate, we mean the beard you can grow. E.g. if you are not able to grow a long, thick beard, you can grow a shorter style that matches your beard strength. Focus on denser areas in such conditions.

Read the rules carefully. Study how you can maximize your chances of winning. Beard contests are often very seriously run and any accidental violation of a rule may disqualify you. Particularly, study the rules regarding your beard style. Look if you are permitted to use a styling gel, which parts of your face can or cannot be shaved and what should be the beard length. If you find the rules very strict, go for other beard competitions where they are not so strict. After all, you are participating for enjoyment.

Learn to take care of your beard. Some contestants even go up to the extent of getting their beard trimmed, washed, conditioned and groomed by professionals in this field. If you don’t have that much money or time or trust on others, you will have to do the job yourself and get the necessary tools. Quality tools are expensive. Visit men’s grooming shops to take tips for tools that can best suit your beard.

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