Beard Trimmer

beard trimmersWhether you are a man who sees his beard as his greatest fashion asset, or a man who curses his facial hair every morning for having to spend 20 more minutes of his daily routine, a solid beard trimmer is a necessary investment for you, if you want your face to look as fresh as a daisy (or a grassy meadow?). Experts recommend trimming the beard against the grain till the last stroke of your trimmer and recommend maintaining a neckline an inch up the Adam’s apple.

While there is nothing so sexy and masculine like a well-sculpted stubble or beard, it is not so easy to get one. It needs time, commitment, persistence and, most importantly, correct tools, like a beard trimmer. If you don’t want to look like just woke up from a cardboard box, while attending job interviews, dates, meetings and other events, the best thing to do is to use a beard trimmer.

Beard trimmers differ according to the company. But whether there are attachments built in your trimmer or they are to be attached later, the overall point to consider for a good trimmer is it should let you groom your facial hair in the exact style you desire without making it necessary for you to approach a barber shop. It should ideally cut evenly and cleanly without pulling, in a single stroke. It should also be clean and easy to use, and should not be hard on your skin.

How will you use the beard trimmer properly to achieve a well-groomed stubble or beard?

First decide on the exact length and style you want for your beard.

If you want a simple 5 o’clock shadow, remove the guard from your beard trimmer and shave from down the ear. The trimmer will leave an even, short shadow along the chin.

It you wish to clean up a chin strap, you should do a daily maintenance and keep it simple.

If you have maintained a longer beard, the key is to make the length even. Select the correct setting on your beard trimmer before starting the shave.

Take long, smooth strokes. For this, hold the beard trimmer at a constant angle with the skin.

Begin on the border of your beard just below the ear and run across the face.

Make use of a traditional razor to clean up the neckline.

TIPS – Use a shampoo and conditioner regularly in order to make your beard soft and easy to shave. Keep a wastebasket handy to collect the clippings. Keep the beard trimmer clean and brush the hair out of its tips regularly. Remove stray hair on the face after finishing, particularly on the cheeks.