Beard Growing Tips

beard growing tipsThough growing a thick beard is the dream of every beard-growing man, unfortunately not everyone can achieve it. More disappointing is the fact that there is no foolproof way to grow such a beard. Some men with thick beards say that a beard massage helps them, while some others swear by vitamin supplements. The key is to experiment with various beard growing tips and carry on with the ones which give the best results. Here are some beard growing tips.

Minimize the Frequency of Shaves and Trims

Many men don’t believe that it is necessary to minimize the frequency of shaving and trimming in order to grow a thick beard, same as it is for just growing a beard. The best way to try is to leave shaving totally at least for one month – no shaving, no trimming and not even plucking. During this “rest” period your beard will get time to set itself solidly. Once it grows thick, you can look for other possibilities.

Beard Thickening Shampoos

Washing the beard with a thickening shampoo is perhaps one of the easiest and most surefire beard growing tips. You can get beard thickening shampoos over the counter at many places and they are available in various types. It is not necessary to look for a beard-dedicated shampoo, but if you get one, t is good. According to experts, these shampoos should be used many times a week during shower.

Most of beard thickening shampoos work on the principle of making the beard look thick, but not actually making it thick. They contain proteins which bind to the hair follicles, lubricate them and open up their surfaces. The surface cells then get filled up with water and body oils which make the hair swollen and appear full and vibrant. However, these results are not permanent. As soon as you stop using the shampoo, you get thinner beard hair.

Oils and Creams

Most of the beard oils and creams too work on the same principle, i.e. by making the beard look thicker without making it actually thicker. Most of them are meant for rubbing, but not rinsing, unlike shampoos. You can get a range of them from cheap to luxury in men’s shops, drug shops and pharmacies.


If you act upon this beard growing tip and be successful, you get a naturally thickened beard, and not just an apparently thick one. Gently massaging the areas of chin, cheeks and neck increases the blood flow in those areas. Oils or creams are not needed for a beard massage. The strokes should be powerful, but not harsh, and the frequency should be as many times as you wish, but most successful men say that they are benefitted by doing it at least once daily.

Diet and Supplements

If your diet is healthy, your beard hair will also benefit naturally and grow thick and healthy. So make it a point to take a balanced diet. Have foods rich in vitamins B, D and E, iron and zinc, because these elements promote hair growth. You can find them easily in a number of foods like whole grains, veggies and lean meats. Reducing the intake of oily foods too can be helpful in increasing the benefits.

If you doubt that you are deficient of vitamins, you can also start supplements with the advice of your doctor. You also get “hair growth” pills in the market; but it is normally easy to work out your own formula. Most professionals begin with biotin (one of the B vitamins promoting health and water content in the follicles) and later add iron and zinc if required.

Mostly best results are seen if these supplements are taken every day, but you should talk to your doctor first before taking them in large quantities. They occur naturally in foods, and so dramatically increasing their intake can show negative effects.

Doctor’s Help

Men who lack in thick facial hair often have to take help of their doctors to grow a thick beard. Doctors usually prescribe hair regeneration pills and creams which can alter the hair chemistry or forcible make new follicles appear in vacant spots. Hair transplant is a rather critical measure to be taken; it involves surgery and is somewhat irreversible.

Shaving Myth

Last but not the least of the beard growing tips is to stop believing the shaving myth. Men are usually under the impression that shaving frequently actually promotes hair growth and results in a thick beard, while researchers deny this. It has been found that there is no link between shaving frequency and thickness of beard.