Beard Conditioner

Beard ConditionerIf you get up in the morning with your beard hair pointing to all possible directions, it means only one thing – you are not conditioning your beard! A beard conditioner is an essential product for you if you are a bearded man, not only in order to keep your beard well in shape and make you look handsome (or at least impressive), but also for leaving your woman without irritated reddened cheeks. This is not just a laughing matter; your unconditioned beard can hurt the sensitive skin of women, who use tons of skin care products and keep their skin super smooth.

Although a beard conditioner is meant for the beard hair, it resembles the regular hair conditioner we use for our hair on head. Its job is to make the beard more manageable. Some of them are also designed to benefit skin along with beard hair. A beard conditioner comes in various formulas and you need to choose one according to your hair and skin type.

Whether you have got a fully grown big beard or a short growth you have just started growing, you can use a beard conditioner to keep it managed. It can keep your beard in place or can soften it if it is coarse.

Beard conditioner can include ingredients providing some other benefits too, like cleaning, skin softening and providing astringent properties. Some of them are made like regular hair conditioners, while other are made rich with oils, butters and lotions. You will need to consider your hair and skin type to choose a particular beard conditioner. E.g. if your skin has a tendency to break out, you need to avoid an oily or buttery beard conditioner and choose one with lotion. Conversely, if a man has dry, itchy or flaky skin, the oil or butter beard conditioner will be more suitable to him.

According to your type of beard, you will need to use the beard conditioner more or less often. If you have just started growing a beard, using a conditioner more often may help you to get a thick growth. Conversely if you have kept an intricate sort of beard, then too you will need to use more conditioner to get a control over it. But if your beard is just normal and you only intend to make it look not wild, you can use the beard conditioner less often.

You can buy a beard conditioner at various places like barber shops, retail stores and styling shops.