Beard Care

If you are enjoying keeping a beard, you might have realized by now that though you have got freedom from a very boring morning ritual of shaving, you should perform another ritual to look handsome with your beard – beard care. However, you can take a sigh of relief because the beard care routine is not as boring and lengthy as shaving. Here are some quick tips for your beard care.

Let it Grow, then Shape it

Don’t make the mistake of sculpting your beard while it is not fully grown. Let it grow first and then shape it. This will take a few weeks to months according to your body structure. It is nothing wrong to look a bit of wild during this initial stage. Once you achieve a beard of length of an inch or an inch and a half, you can start sculpting it.

Combat Itching

Itching is the nasty factor which discourages most men who wish to keep a beard. You should not give up keeping the beard just because of itching. Combat itching and it will go in a few weeks.

Shampoo and Conditioning

It’s strange but true that many bearded men don’t wash their jaw meadow, or worse still, wash it with the bar soap they use for washing their armpits. This will make your beard and the skin below dry. Clean the beard with a mild shampoo a few times weekly. Choose a moisturizing shampoo to avoid brittle hair. Conditioning is also necessary for beard care. A thick conditioner is good to keep beard from getting wiry. Let the conditioner sit on the beard after you wash the beard and then rinse it.

Use Noncomedogenic Beard Products

If you want to use beard products for extra beard care, take care to see that they are noncomedogenic which means that they won’t clog your skin pores.


It is recommended to trim your beard every two months, though you wear a long beard. This should be done for avoid split ends. If your beard is short, trim it every 2-3 weeks or so.

Healthy Diet

You may laugh out loud reading this, thinking that how is it concerned with beard care. But don’t you get advices to take healthy diet for your hair, skin, eyes and overall health? Isn’t beard a part of your body? Doesn’t it grow from your own skin? Doesn’t your skin need nutrition? You know that all these points are true, and if they are, taking a healthy diet is essential for beard care! Eat lots of raw fruits, veggies and proteins (eggs, meat, fish, dairy), and lessen amounts of non-healthy fats and refined sugars, so that your skin under the beard can get the right nutrition and your beard becomes healthy. If required, take supplements after consulting with a dermatologist or your physician.

Healthy Routine

Just as a healthy diet, a healthy routine is also necessary for beard care. You should take adequate sleep and exercise, in order to let your beard grow properly.

Take Care While Eating

You (and those sitting near you) might bear anything else than food particles caught in your beard. How will you avoid it? Celeb stylist Sandy Poirier recommends taking small bites for this, and wiping the beard after each one. Ask for extra napkins always while eating in a restaurant. Beard is a significant feature of your personality. Whenever you meet someone, s/he will notice your beard first, and so beard care is essential.