Beards are awesome. They offer you manliness and warmth in winter, and save your money on barbers and razors. However, because of genetic factors, not everyone can grow a desired style and thickness of beard. And even if one can, he doesn’t have it when needed. These beard challenges can be overcome by a beard hat. A beard hat gives the many benefits of a beard, while you are not wearing a beard. Continue reading

Fake beard is being used since long by Egyptian Pharaohs, pirates, actors, cons, revolutionaries, and also laymen just for fun. It is said that Egyptian pharaohs wore plated fake beards on various types of ceremonies to emphasize their status as Gods. Similarly different men and women have long been using fake beards for different purposes and it is true that these beards have brought a considerable difference in their personality – either with a purpose or just as an amusement to oneself and others. Continue reading

As such, there are innumerable reasons for growing a beard. It seems that men are just in search of any trifle reason to grow a beard – they love it so much! But no reason is better than a beard competition.

Beard-growing competitions are extremely fun events and are often associated with the celebration of historic events or other such occasions. Some beard-growing competitions have even gained a huge fame. E.g. the annual beard-growing competition in Shamrock, Texas, became the topic of a documentary named Growin’ a Beard. And some beard competitions have now taken a ruling position in the beard world, like World Beard and Moustache Championships. Continue reading

A bearded lady is a woman with a visible beard. Though such women have long been looked at as a topic of curiosity and ridicule, there were and are many famous women, who preferred growing a beard and maintained it with confidence and pride, in spite of all social taboos. Continue reading